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Tuesday, 09 November 2010 21:18

Installing multiple extensions at once

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When setting up a Joomla site you will often find yourself installing the same extensions over and over again. These may be CCKs like K2 and FlexiContent or simple plugins that add essential features to your site like the Google Analytics tracking tags. Whatever the purpose of the extension you can be guaranteed that you are going to be installing it each time you set up a site, as it has probably become an essential part of your Joomla kit.

Installing all of these extensions manually can be quite a tedious task as there is no multiple install functionality in the Joomla installer component and there doesn't appear to be any other components out there that can achieve this. Because of this I took it upon myself to write the Multi Install component (com_multiinstall). This will allow you to install as many extensions as you want at once. All you need to do is bundle all of the extensions you want to install into a zip archive and then upload it from the component view.< br/>

Here is an example of a zip archive I made:

com_multiinstall zip
And here is the result:

com_multinstall result

Not all extensions will work as well as this as some have custom install files that redirect back to com_install or other files (ModulesAnywhere, Jomsocial, Community Builder etc). If this happens, simply remove those extensions from your zip file and try again.

To get the extension all you need to do is register. Hopefully this will prove useful for some of you out there!

You can see a tutorial video here.

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